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Compact Line Array Speaker VERA36

Today we are going to introduce you our VERA36 and S33 compact line array system. 

VR36 S33  1.jpg

VERA36 is dual 10" LF + 2x 8" MF + 2x 1.4" HF three way compact line array speaker.  S33 is 1x18" + 1x15" subwoofer cabinet box. A vertical line array speaker system created for medium to big vertical array applications . VR series comes quite simply from the way these loudspeakers are used in Vertical Arrays. With just two tops and one sub on each side, this system can even be used as a groundstack system for small events.

S33 active with revised hanging hardware 5-02.jpg

Recently, we do some revision on the their hanging hardware. Please see following pictures. It is will be suitable for different place usage. 

VR36 active with revised hanging hardware.jpg

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