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Sanway GEO S1210 Line Array and FB 10KQ Amplifier Offer a Unforgettable Sound Experience in Europe

Sanway GEO S1210 and FB10KQ serviced for a band and elevate audio experience in Christmas Eve 2017.

On 2017 Christmas Eve, GEO S1210 and band bring an excited and unforgettable audio experience to audiences on the bar. In the stage of the middle in the Hall of the bar, there are 8 units of GEO S1210 single 12 inch full range line array and 2 units of FB 10KQ 4CH DJ power amplifier participate in this performance. During the show, Sanway GEO S1210 and FB 10KQ assist the band create an immersive sound surrounding feeling for all audiences. All audiences highly commended the band show and our speakers. The band even had performance in this bar for 15 times. They also usually carry our GEO S1210 and FB 10 KQ take part in gigs everywhere.


The GEO S1210 is a scalable high output power audio line array . With a narrow Q value of the point sound source speaker, the use of patented HRW hyperbolic reflection wave source technology can put many units of GEO S1210 speaker into a line array. GEO S1210’s beautiful design is for all the strong sound of the application. Its design can be used for fixed installation and mobile performances. It is the high cost efficiency of the strong sound ystem.


The FB 10KQ is a 1350Wx4 at 8 ohms, 2100Wx4 at 4 ohms, 2500Wx4 at 2 ohms 4 channel live sound amplifier. It equipped an efficient cooling system with pure cooper heatsink, and original Neutriks connectors. We use the of main board power-supply for the process the audio signal, able to make the voltage more stable, clear and thick, and sound much better. Reasonable wiring can reduce the interference between channels and input-output. 


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