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Sanway KARA +SB18 For Basketball World Champion Qualifier in Hungary Szombathely

This hot summer, besides FIFA world cup, there is very popular basketball World Championship Qualifier.  In Budapest city on 1st July, there is one game in Hungary Szombathely.  The audio equipment is provided from us Sanway Audio. 

KARA and SB18 project.jpg

There is 18 units KARA and 6 units SB18 for this stadium.  One unit SB18 is with 3 units KARA and there are total 6 rows. 

KARA and SB18 for a basketball match.jpg

KARA features with two 8 inch neodymium low frequency drivers and one 3 inch neodymium drivers in a compact birch-wood enclosure. With a high SPL 140dB, small size and lightweight, KARA is full configurable to match middle size in door or out door event. 

SB18 is to couple with KARA. This is a single 18 inch subwoofer. The inside 18 inch neodymium subwoofer with dual bass-reflex tuned enclosure, could deliver loud and efficient 138dB/m very high sensitivity. As a sound system we can run 2 or 3  KARA bi-amped top speaker and one SB18 subwoofer loudspeaker per side.

KARA and SB18 feedback from World championship qualifier.png

kara and SB18 for the basketball world champion qualifier .png

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