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Sanway L-8028 dual 18 inch subwoofer brings long-throw performance to the Music festival in Bahrain

Bahrain –With the capacity of the 10,000 people of the outdoor performance, Sanway L-8028 provide long throw powerful bass for the event.


L-8028 is a dual 18 inch subwoofer is equipped with two advanced 18 inch woofers mounted in a clam-shell configuration. The two transducers couple to achieve tight and maximized output. Each 18” features massive vented neodymium magnets and 4” copper voice coil. The system is capable of producing a Max SPL of 138 dB and handles 2000 Watts AES.


In this project, we are using 4 units L-8028 and 2 units FP14000 2CH power amplifier.


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