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Sanway Speakers And Amplifiers Provided A Unforgettable Sound Experience For A Waltz Dance Competition In Russia 2018

Sanway Speakers and Amplifiers Provided a Unforgettable Sound Experience for a Waltz Dance Competition in Russia 2018


Russia—Sanway VR10&S30 portable powered line array and DSP-10KQ digital DSP power amplifier had a wonderful performance at Waltz Dance Competition in 2018.


Held on June 17, 2018, Sanway VR10 & S30 and DSP-10KQ assisted to a Waltz Dance Competition in Russia. Before this competition, our company sales manager and engineers found out the customers’ need clearly, and then made a best plan of audio equipment combination. Because this is a Waltz Dance Competition, it has a high requirement of the audio equipments. 

VR10-in-Ru (1).jpg

During this waltz dance competition, our VR10 &S30 provided an unforgettable sound experience to all audiences. This dance competition was held in a stadium where can contain 5000 people in the same time. We equipped 16 VR10&S30 column speakers pa system and 6 DSP-10KQ power amplifier with dsp in this stadium and they all provided a great sound performance to audiences. After this Waltz Dance Competition, we received a lot of high feedback. It is hard work pays off. 

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