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Sanway VERA 36 and KS28 array pa system had pretty performance on 38th Annual Belize Day

Chicago USA- The 38th Annual Belize Day was sucessfully held on 6th Aug, which covered about 5000 people to celebrate their traditional day.  Today we Sanway Audio take you to look into the array sound system for this event, which all are provided from China Sanway Audio.


24 units VERA 36 10'' line array speaker 

16 units KS28 dual 18 inch subwoofer enclosure speaker

12 units LE1500S stage monitor speaker 

8 units D10Q 4 channel DSP audio power amplifier 

4 units D14 two channel DSP digital power amplifier 

4 units PR380 power sequence controller

24 PCS VERA36 line array speaker system were hung up into two columns per side. 2 PCS KS28  box sound system 18 inch as one column are laid up together , and there are total 8 column under the stage. With the best subwoofer and line array professional speaker VR36 , the sound covered the place and people perfectly. On the stage, they use 12 units 15" professional monitor speaker for the performer. With the clear , full sound merit and high SPL , they are perfect match for this set of array speakers.  Above array system and monitor system are powered by Sanway hotsales DSP amplifier D10Q and D14.  With the indepedant dsp control on the PC terminal,  sound technician can control the whold line array sound system conveniently. 

Let's see feedbacks from client belowing: 

Vera36 line array PA system.png array column.png

all speaker line array design.png

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