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Sanway VR10 and S30 Line Array Supplied the Fourteenth Music Festival in Italy


Italy—Sanway VR10 and S30 supplies the Fourteenth Music Festival at an outdoor performance venue 2018.

Held on May 15, 2018, Sanway VR10 single 10 inch bi-amped line arrayand S30 dual 15 inch speaker subwoofer supplied the Fourteenth Music Festival at an outdoor performance venue in Italy. Because this is a music festival, there are much high standard of the audios. In order to ensure provide an immersive audio experience to audiences, our engineers strictly required for each production process. Sanway always committed to bring a perfect experience for all audiences. 


During the Music Festival, 8 units of VR10 and 4 units of S30 stand speaker line array bring a best sound experience to all 3000 audiences at a outdoor performance venue. All of them told us that they deeply enjoy the music festival and of course they give a high commend to our VR10 and S30. That is really a excited cooperation.

The VR10 stage sound line array is equipped with one 10 inch woofer and two high frequency neodymium drivers. The horizontal dispersion can be set to 80 or 120 degrees by exchanging the mid-high horn. Its closure is used best quality of birch plywood. In the same series, we usually choose S15 or S30 to go with it.


VR10&S30 powered line array system

The passive bi-amped VR10; the powered S30 is us$820.00 per unit, we mounted the D3 1800W+900W+500W@4ohms 3CH module inside the cabinet box of S30. the 1800W channel to drive the S30 dual 15" subwoofer; the 900w+500w channel will be used to drive another two top VR10.

The S30 subwoofer speaker box is a two version line array system which designed with dual 15 inch LF drivers. It is available where stronger bass output is required. As for these, S30 subwoofer’s flying systems integrate especially well combined with VR10. 

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