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Sanway W8LC and WSX Bring a New Level Sound Quality to the Opening Ceremony of School Sports Competition in Peru 2018

Held on May 15, 2018, Sanway W8LC single 12 inch line array speaker and WSX single 18” sunwoofer are equipped the opening ceremony of school sports competition. In order to ensure this opening ceremony run successfully, our customer take to the heart to prepare this ceremony for a period of time. During this event, there are 20 W8LC, 4 WSX which provided an especially sound experience to 6000 audiences. We received a lot of praised after this opening ceremony. That is so perfect.


About the W8LC powerful outdoor speaker, which is a professional, three-way, and full-range loudspeakers, ideal for installed sound reinforcement applications requiring high power in a stylish enclosure. 

The WSX is a single18 inch pro subwoofer speaker which is designed to reproduce very deep bass frequencies with maximum efficiency, speed and impact. These passive line array sound system is in the most demanding touring situation where extreme levels of ass are required.


”We are very happy this work received a lot of praise, it is so excited,” our customer said.

This opening ceremony of school sports competition was a perfect storm of things coming together to create an awesome experience for audiences.

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