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2019 Sanway Guangzhou Pro Light And Sound Exhibition Show

2019 Guangzhou Pro Light And Sound Exhibition Show is coming ! Show time is  24th to 27th Feburary, 2019. Sanway Audio will still be in the show to keep contact with our regular or new clients.  Our booth No. is 1.1 G12, Area A. Sanway Audio is with the goal with this show:  keep abreast of the wave of development of technology integration in the professional audio.  This time, we will show our new and hot products: 

  1. compact line array system : KARA,  V8 & V-SUB line array system; 

  2. new launched long throw subwoofer: dual 21 inch subwoofer cabinet box; 

  3. DSP power amplifier : D10Q, DSP-10KQ ; 

  4. Classic Switching power amplifier: FP10000Q , FP14000; 

  5. Class D DSP active module: D1, D2 , D3 series.

2019 Sanway Pro light and Sound Exhibitoin Show .jpg

Sanway Audio have taken part in this show over 10 years. Since the opening of the first exhibition in 2003, the Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition has set a blueprint and has since grown to one of the largest industry events in the industry. In addition to a range of professional lighting, audio, stage equipment and other products, the show will focus on the cutting-edge total solutions in the field of performing arts, communications and conferences and KTV, aiming to create an integrated integrated display platform for the industry. Integrated solutions for professional audio, lighting, KTV, communications and conferencing systems have become mainstream in the market. In addition, the professional lighting and audio industry is experiencing the technological revolution of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, systems engineering and integration. A series of high-tech technologies such as automation and control systems and media control have been continuously applied in product development, becoming the most new wave of industry development.

Wait to see you soon. 

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