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2CH Plate Amplifier With DSP Function For Active Loudspeakers

Sanway has announced the launch of its new D2 Series Class D amplifier modules today, D2450 , D2650 and

D2800 2CH plate amplifier with DSP function for Active Loudspeakers.

This new Series is designed to fulfill specific requirements for more compact high powered speaker cabinets , 

as D2L and D2S amplifier module are only 2x500W at 8ohms , but D2800 could be up to 2x800W at 8ohms , 

and with lighter weight only 2.75KG .

The DSP function inside also include Mute , Polarity , Gain , Delay , EQ , Limiter , X-Over , you could manage it

on your computer with a USB or RS-485 cable after you download its software . Besides, there are two version

operation voltage :

                 The 110 version can operate from 90V to 135V voltage range ; 

                 The 220V version can operate from 180V to 265V voltage range

Actually , this new Series is based on the D1 Series single channel amplifier module , as we put 2 pieces amplifier

board together to make it 2 channels while the D1 Series is only 1 piece . With the same technique , the output

power at 4ohms load is not double of the 8ohms load , the limited power is for safer operation .

D2450 is 2x450w at 8ohms ; 2x500w at 4ohms 

D2650 is 2x650w at 8ohms ; 2x700w at 4ohms 

D2800 is 2x800w at 8ohms ; 2x850w at 4ohms 

Along with the D2L and D2S Series amplifier modules , there are multiple rated power for your choice:

D2L or D2S is 2x500w at 8ohms ; 2x900w at 4ohms 2 channel plate amplifier for loudspeaker ;

D2L-SUB8 or D2S-SUB8 is only for 8 ohms load subwoofer ;

D2L-SUB4 or D2S-SUB4 is RMS900W at 8ohms load ; RMS1800W at 4 ohms load for subwoofer ;

D2L-TWO and D2S-TWO module can power 2 units bi-amped speaker .

We have all the above modules in stock , looking forward to your inquiry .

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