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Client From The Middle East Vist Us Sanway Audio

Christmas is coming. November is a busy season for us Sanway Audio. Yesterday, our client from the Middle East visited us. 

Ali lebarnon

Our client like VR10 , S30 powered system and T24N  B30 system deeply. Today we are going to share more detail information of this two popular system. 

VR10+S30 powered line array system.  VR10 top line array speaker is 1x10" two way speaker; S30 powered is dual 15" powered subwoofer.  S30 powered is powered by Sanway customized D3 3 way dsp active module. One D3 can power one unit S30 and two units VR10 top. The horizontal dispersion can be set to 80 or 120 degrees by exchanging the mid-high horn. In the same series, we usually choose VERA S15 or VERA S30 to go with it. With only two tops flown or stacked, it is the ideal starting system for high-quality, small-scale sound solutions. 

VR10 and S30 rear panel

T24N is dual 12" two way full range audio speaker. B30 is dual 15" subwoofer cabinet box.  The T24N Loudspeaker is a benchmark in the live and installations market. The 1.4" speaker horn structure makes outstanding dynamic and 143 dB top sound pressure, and the front surface of the shell is only 70 × 40 cm. Specially developed 12 "neodymium chassis with a new housing structure makes the top of the speaker can be a full range below 70Hz, with 3" titanium film new 1,4 "high-end drive can accurately reproduce the silk-like high-precision and no deformation Even at the highest level. Standard 60 × 40 degrees speaker can be, without tools can be replaced 90 × 50 degrees speaker. Besides, there is a bi-amp/passive switch at the rear panel for more convenient adjustment.

B30 and T24N (3)

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