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Do You Know Bridge Mode Of Sanway FP Switching Power Amplifier Well ?

Today we will make introduction of the bridge mode of our Sanway FP switching power amplifier.  Let's take FP10000Q for example.  FP10000Q is 1350Wx4 at 8 ohms; 2100Wx4 at 4 ohms; 2500Wx4 at 2 ohms; 4CH switching lightweight power amplifier.  When it is in bridge mode, its power is 2x4500W at 8 ohms bridge; 2x5000W at 4 ohms bridge. 

Rear panel of FP10000Q

What is bridge mode of FP10000Q ? It means when you input the signal from CH1, there will be output from CH2 and the output power is from CH1 + CH2;  When you input the singnal from CH3, there will be output from CH4 and the output power is from CH3+CH4. What is the advantage of this mode ? It can help you to power the audio cabinet box with bigger power. 

bridge mode

Besides bridge mode, there is an parallel mode.  When you input signal from CH1, the output from CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4 are the same. 


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