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Happy 2017 Valentine's Day

Legend in the 3rd century AD, the Roman Empire Emperor Claudius II in the capital of Rome announced the abandonment of all the marriage commitments, so that more careless men can go to the battle of the battlefield. One of the priests, Sanctus Valentinus, did not follow this will and continued to hold chapel weddings for young people in love. After the incident of defendant, Valentine priest was first whipped, and then hit by a stone, and finally on 14th February of the year 270 , was sent to the gallows were hanged. After the 14th century, people began to commemorate this day for the priest who sacrificed for the lovers. In the Western countries it is called Valentine's Day.

To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. May all of your wishes come true this Valentine's Day.


Nothing's gonna change my love for you

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