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How To Choose Subwoofer For An Event ?

In this golden October, Sanway Audio workshop is in its busy time. Today, there is a batch line array and a batch dual 18" subwoofer cabinet box SB28 is finished. They are ready on their way to our final market. 

SB28 dual 18" subwoofer cabinet box. It is an ideal companion to large format systems in stacked or flown deployments, it is designed to extend the frequency response of large format systems. With two 18" direct radiating transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure, it can offer standard or cardioid directivity by combining physical deployment and the suitable preset, and delivers a high SPL with low distortion. 

Sanway SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer

There is a question : How do you choose a subwoofer cabinet box for an event ?   Our advice is following: firstly, we need to figure out the information of the event.  

1> What kinds of event is it ? Indoor or outdoor ?   

2> How many people will be covered ? 

3> Does  the event require more low frequency ?

If it is indoor event with middle range , especially the place is not very big,we will choose a subwoofer cabinet with lower SPL , softer sound quality. Our Sanway WSX, WS218X, S8006 are suitable for indoor event.  If it is outdoor event with bigger range, we advise to choose higher power longthrow subwoofer cabinet with higher SPL. Our Sanway KS28, SB28, S8028, J-SUB...etc are suitable for outdoor event. 

Sanway SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer

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