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Sanway 16 PCS Aero50 Line Array System Make Outdoor 3000 People Event With Effective Performance

Today we are going to take you to South East Asia to look at an outdor event for 3000 people.  The main line array system is provided by Sanway Audio. There are 16 pcs Sanway Aero50 dual 15" line array top speakers and 8 pcs FP10000Q switching power amplifier. To combine the Aero 50 system, our client equip 20 PCS Cerwin Vega 18" subwoofer cabinet box with B&c Tbx100 18”. This line array system is a 4 way system. Clinet said the Aero50 are  trowing 5-8 km. It is very powerful and with sound covered for this place. Please see client's feedback belowing: 

16 pcs Aero50 feedback 1.jpg Sanway Aero50 feedback 6.jpg

What is the feature and advantage of Aero50 line array sound system ? 

- Three-way large-format line array module

- Two 15 loudspeakers with neodymium magnet assemblies

- Four 8 loudspeakers with neodymium magnetic assemblies

- Two neodymium compression driver with 1.5″ exit

- Captive rigging system integrated in the cabinet design

Sanway Aero50 feedback 9.jpgSanway Aero 50 feedback  7.jpgSanway Aero 50 feedback  7.jpg

The large format Aero 50 is the evolution of the highly successful Aero 48. This externally powered, high efficiency line array module integrates low, mid and high frequency transducers in a single unit. Designed for use in large-scale events in stadiums and arenas, the Aero 50 offers a number of important improvements in terms of performance and weight reduction. 

The low frequency reproduction is handled by two new 15 inch neodymium loudspeakers in a bass-reflex configuration. The 15 inch speaker drivers incorporates a 100 mm (4″) edge-wound flat wire  voice coil and lightweight neodymium magnet assembly maximizing the dynamic response for a deep, precise bass.

Four purpose-built 8MN, 8″ cone transducers incorporating neodymium magnetic assemblies and 62 mm (2.5″) voice coils are used for mid frequency reproduction. 

High frequency reproduction is handled by two M-75N compression drivers designed for use in high-level applications where abundant SPL and low distortion are mandatory. A pure titanium diaphragm featuring 75 mm (3″) copper-clad aluminum voice coil yields high sensitivity, low distortion and extended frequency response.The rugged, trapezoidal enclosure is built using Birch plywood and covered with a durable paint finish. The captive rigging system splay angles range from 0º to 9.6º and can be adjusted in 0.8º increments from 0º to 3.2º and 1.6º increments from 3.2º to 9.6 º allowing a wide range of column curvatures to be accomplished.

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