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Sanway 24PCS KARA And 16PCS SB28 Made Great Performance In South America

Happy Thanksgiving Day. 

Today we will share with you guys Sanway KARA and SB28 line array system project in South America. Now we will take you there first.   ;)

Covered 15000 people, it earned good feedback from our clients.  The sound equipment was following: 

24 pieces KARA Dual 8 Inch Line Array Speaker;

16 pieces SB28 Dual 18 Inch Line Array Subwoofer;

8 pieces FP10000Q 4CH Power Amplifier; 

2 pieces DP4080 4in & 8out Audio Processor.

Why choose kara and SB28 for this event? 

The KARA line array system is with two 8 inch neodymium low frequency drivers and one 3 inch neodymium drivers in a compact birch-wood cabinet box. With a high SPL 140dB, small size and lightweight, KARA is popular among middle size indoor or outdoor event.

KARA front panel

The SB28 is a bass reflex adjustable subwoofer box consisting of two 18 inch low-frequency loudspeaker units. This specially designed 18 " woofer provides exceptional cone coverage even under very loud pressure operating conditions, also can provide very low compression. The inverted-phase hole design of the bass reflex is more advanced and more conducive to airflow flow. The performance of SB28 loudspeaker is mainly determined by the choice of preset and the physical composition of the system The SB28 enclosure is made of first class birch plywood to ensure  maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity.

Sanway SB28 dual 18 inch subwoofer

How do you like it ? 

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