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Sanway 4CH DSP Amplifier D-10Q Earn Good Feedback From North America

Sanway D10Q dsp amplifier performs well in an event of banquete in the USA. Client's feedback is pretty. Please see following: 

D10Q  feedback 1.png

D10Q  feedback 2.png

The D10Q  is the natural successor of the proven, road tested, and trusted Sanway touring foundation exemplified by DSP amplifier series, but with an additional new powerful feature set: the ability to rationalize power allocation between channels to optimize performance. Now packaged in an extended 4-in, 4-out configuration together with twice the processing power via the latest version DSP Controller release, plus Ethernet networking, the DSP amplifier D10Q sets the benchmark for Powered Loudspeaker Management Systems.


The Sanway DSP amplifier D10Q combines four channels of extremely powerful amplification with unrivalled signal processing and audio management. At the core of the system concept is the total integration of all devices – including Ethernet, signal processing, amplifiers, power supply and connected mains supply – allowing complete control and monitoring of the entire platform, resulting in unique operational benefits. It is similar with the PLM series. 

D-10q front and inside.jpg

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