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Sanway Aero12 12 Inch Two Way Line Array Earn Good Feedback From A 3000 People Outdoor Event

Today, we will take you to South America to see a 3000 outdoor event show.  It earned good feedback from the audience because its clear and powerful sound from the sound quality. 

Aero12 line array speaker 2

The sound equipment are provided by Sanway audio : 

1> 8 PCS Aero12 line array speaker

2> 4 PCS dual 18" subwoofer cabinet box ; 

Aero12 is  two-way, MID-high line array system with a single 12 neodymium LF driver and a 3 inch compression HF driver. The captive rigging system integrated in the cabinet design line array sound system. 

The dual 18" subwoofer  is a high-power subwoofer system designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion.

The subwoofer cabinet box incorporates the 18" long excursion cone transducer. The newly developed 18" loudspeakers are a significant improvement over their predecessors offering increased power handling, reduced distortion and power compression.

The new horizontal cabinet configuration incorporates two speakers. The enclosure construction is realized using 18 mm plywood and finished with the durable black paint. Optional rear casters are available to facilitate transport.

 Aero 12 sanway line array speaker

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