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Sanway Export 40ft Container Of Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer And 15 Inch Monitor And Switching Power Amplifier

Golden September and harvest month. Sanway Audio export one 40 ft container to Europe market. The items inside the container are following: 

1> 60 pcs dual 18" long throw subwoofer cabinet box WS218X

2> 80 pcs 15" stage monitor speaker LE1500S;

3> 40 pcs FP10000Q and 40 pcs FP14000 switching power amplifier

LE1500S monitor 2.jpg

 WS218X is a high performance sub-bass system designed for use with large scale Wavefront and Blackline systems, in both touring and install applications. It features twin, 1000 watt 18" (460mm) drive units with magnet structure and suspension engineered for maximum linear excursion.The plywood cabinet is fitted with six pocket handles and four 4" (100mm) castors for easy deployment. It features large area porting to reduce air noise.WS218X subwoofers are designed to be powered by power amplifiers. Sanway active subwoofer WS218 is powered by D3-2CH dsp active module. 

MARTIN WS218X (3).jpg

LE1500S is a compact , high performance stage monitor combining high output and controlled dispersion with discreet, contemporary design . Differential dispersion technology increases the area over which a constant SPL and consistent frequency response is maintained at ear height , enabling the artist to move around more freely. 


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