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Sanway First DSP Amplifier with Ethernet

The DSP-14K is the DSP version of FP14000, you could adjust the Mute, Polarity, Gain, EQ, Xover, Limiter on 

the computer. The greatest feature of this DSP software is the Ethernet function. That means you could control 

many pieces DSP-14K amplifiers in one computer  by Wifi without much network cables, it is not only save 

money for the cables , but also reduce DSP control breaks due to cable faults. With two flexible channels of up 

to 4000 watts each, DSP on-board for each channel, and all the right connectors, the DSP-14K is ideal for live 

sound applications. 


1. 2350W per channel @ 8 ohms 

2. 4400W per channel @ 4 ohms 

3. 2U height and 13kg weight 

4. Class TD output stage with Ethernet 

5. Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply 

6. Full suite of protection and fault monitoring features

DSP software of DSP-14K:

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