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Sanway Shown Up At The 2017 Guangzhou Prolight+Sound Expo

From 22th to 25th Feb.2017, Sanway Audio attended the Guangzhou Prolight+Sound Expo, which is one of the leading shows for pro audio and lighting industry in China.

During the show, Sanway Audio has displayed some new Active Line Array Systems and DSP Power Amplifiers; DSP Amplifier Modules, such as the VERA36&S33 Active Line Array System, DP10Q DSP Power Amplifier, D3-NET DSP Amplifier Module.  

VERA36&S33 Active Line Array System first time showed up at the 2016 Shanghai Prolight+Sound Expo, but that is the passive version, and now we have launched the powered version. VERA36 dual 10 inch line array speaker is mounted one piece Sanway customized amplifier module D2L-TWO inside, which is a 2x500w at 8ohms; 2x900w at 4ohms load plate amplifier with DSP function. And the S33 subwoofer is mounted one piece Sanway customized amplifier module D3-2CH inside, which is a 1500w+1500w at 4ohms load plate amplifier with DSP function. The speciality of this subwoofer is that there is one 18 inch driver at the front and one 15 inch driver at the back, which makes impressive sound performance.


DP10Q is the improvement of the DSP-10KQ, it is also 4 channel DSP Power Amplifier, and we add a touch screen on the front panel, so that you could adjust it more convenient. D3-NET DSP Amplifier Module is the combination of D3 and D3-2.1 Amplifier Module, it has 2 inputs; 2 outputs and the Wifi function.


The most popular product is our VR10&S30 Powered Line Array System. Its compact size and powerful sound makes it perfect for touring or portable events, such as wedding celebration or press conference. This system consist of 2 units VR10 single 10 inch line array speakers and 1 unit S30 dual 15 inch subwoofer, and we mount one Sanway customized amplifier module D3 at the back of the S30 subwoofer.


Besides, we also displayed Aero12A & L8028 Active Line Array System; S1210 & L8028 Active Line Array System; L-1 & L-2 Passive or Powered Full Range Speakers; LE1500S stage monitor speaker; DSP-10KQ & DSP-14K DSP amplifier and other amplifier modules.

Sanway Audio manufactures power amplifiers, amplifier modules, line arrays and loudspeakers, we have been offering top quality products and excellent service since 2006, if any interested items, welcome to our factory or sending inquiries, expecting continuous business with you.

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