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Update of D3 Series Amplifier Module for more Application

The D3 Series Amplifier Module has been updated into 2 more items for increased power performance and possibilities .

<1>. D3-2CH is 2CH Class-D amplifier module with DSP : 

D3 is 1500+500+500w at 8ohms load , 1800+900+900w at 4ohms load 3 channels module , we bridge 2 smaller output 

channels into 1 channel , and then the output power become 1500+1500w at 8ohms load , 1800+1800w at 4ohms load,

it is very suitable to power high power double driver subwoofers in a cost-effective way .

<2>. D3-2.1 is Stereo Plate Amplifier with DSP for 2.1 channel Home Theater System :

D3-2.1 is the same output power as the D3 , 1500+500+500w at 8ohms load , 1800+900+900w at 4ohms load , but we make 

it into 2 input jack while the D3 is only 1 input jack and 1 output jack ,so that it could be suitable for 2.1 channel Home Theater 

System .

The updated items are different from the previous version , therefore , you have to download the different DSP software for 

use .

We have all the above modules in stock , looking forward to your inquiry .

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