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What Should We Do To Set Up Pa System For Outdoor Event ?


Today, we received a beautiful picture of a 3000 people outdoor event from one of our customers. He is using our 16 pcs Aero 50 dual 15 inch 3 way line array, and 20 PCS Cerwin Vega 18" subwoofer. As we can see in the above picture, there is shining sea, blue sky, green grass...etc.  What a beautiful view there! However, can you find out any mistake of this PA system setup?  Any suggestion for him? We have found out several mistakes here:

Mistake One:

The 18 inch subwoofers shouldn’t be laid on the truss desk. It is better to place subwoofer cabinet boxes on even ground , so it will have harmonious bass sound. 

Mistake Two:

The 18 inch bass woofer should be put together under the middle of the stage, so they can make the bass sound with more long excursion and sound more violent. 

Mistake Three:

The dual 15 inch line array speaker should be hung up higher. And he should set the speakers up in the air for the modeled coverage angle to work. If the speakers is hung up with short height, their sound wave will be easily absorb audience's ears.  It will loss the mid and high sound. To lift up the speakers higher,it can make the sound waves of the speaker in the air radiation distance far, so that the auditorium can get enough loudness. 

Here are three obvious mistake, could you find others?

Now, you may have a question: What should we do to setup a good pa system for outdoor event? These guidelines will help you to set up an outdoor PA system like an expert.

Prepare In Advance

Checking the venue in advance will help you know if you have the right equipment. You can also find out the type of function that will change. A speech or presentation requires a different setting in terms of a musical or dramatic performance. Arrive early on D-day to see if there are any changes in the last moments. You should know that you have to flatten the speakers on uneven ground or cover the device with a tarpaulin. To save time, you could hire people to help you when you have a big setup.


Build Up Hardware First

This helps you to perform settings avoid being tripped by wires. Put all the equipment where you want it. If the venue is small, place the large speakers on the left and right sides of the stage and slightly rotate toward the center of the room. For the best sound projection, lift up the speaker. Before you start setting up, make sure you understand your device. This is because if you are not familiar with the small changes in the system, you will be confused.

Adjust Speakers Properly

When performing professional PA system setup, make sure that you position the speakers perfectly to take full advantage of them.  Avoid separating them far away, as this can cause long delays in sound transmission; when the speaker make the speech, the sound will be heard in a few seconds. The echo will annoy the audience and let them lose interest in what the speaker said. Place the speakers near each other, but make sure each speaker has its own unique territory. The display speakers should be placed on the floor facing the stage, one of which should be placed in the center of the venue. Another thing to consider when placing speakers is the wind direction. The wind can be blown to the sound. To avoid this, position speakers upwind.

Check the Monitor System

Your monitoring system must be strong enough to meet the needs of the performer or speaker. Outdoor venues are usually large, and performers may notice that their space larger than they are used to. They may need more folding than in an indoor venue. If you want to set a large band, mix at least four monitors. Feed three through the front of the stage, one to the back. This suitable for most bands.


Set Up the Mixing Desk

The desk should be at the center of the venue. If this is not possible, place it at the right or left side of the stage. You can use a digital desk and snake system which has built-in processing and is easy to set up. If you are not sure about the weather or venue, choose a low-tech mixing desk. It is also important to make sure your gear is cased because accidents can occur.

Make Sure the Sound of the system Isn’t Too Loud

Ensure to check the volume of the speakers to provide comfort to the listener. If the PA system is too loud, people may leave early to get a break from the noise. You can use a spectrum analyzer or sound level meter to test and equalize the system.

Perform a Thorough Check after Setup

Make sure the main system works properly after setup because it is the most important part. This way, you can modify any obvious problems. Run the system for a few minutes, then play the test track. Take a walk around the venue and see if there are any flaws in the sound. If so, adjust the device. Keep in mind that each outdoor venue requires a different professional p a system setup, so choose the facility that best suits each location.


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