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PR380 8 Channels Digital Power Sequence Controller witH Password Function

PR380 8 Channels Digital Power Sequence Controller witH Password Function

1.Biphase /Triphase 2. 8 channels and 20KW Power supply 3. Each channel has of independent EMI-Powe1

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1. Biphase /Triphase

2. 8 channels and 20KW Power supply.

3. Each channel has of independent EMI-Powe1


● Using Single Chip Micro Computer(MCU) controller. The delay time is programmable & more precise reliably.
● 8 channels and 20KW Power supply. Each channel has of independent EMI-Power Filter , CE certificate approved.
● Using Triphase 5-pin professional socket, Diphase & Triphase are compatible.
● LED voltage meter & LED visual operational interface display the voltage of each line, delay time, power sequence etc .
● With USB lamp
● Every output channel can be turned off immediately in urgent.
● Password function.
● Programming function. Remote control function: the remote control distance is up to 1km.
● Link In & Link Out function .
● Overload Voltage Alarm function: It alarms whenever the voltage is out of the range which you setup.
● Multi-sockets meet your different plugs.


VoltageBiphase:110V or 220V(±20%) Triphase190V or 380V
Power Frequency50Hz or 60Hz(±5%)
Power InputBiphase&Triphase,5-pin industrial socket, 32A input
Protection.Overload current protection & shot protection
Display3 characters LED voltage meter 3 characters LED program screen
Voltage Meter3 characters LED real-time display, ±1% no-load accuracy, ±1%
accuracy of full- load
Sequencing Channel8 pairs of sequence channels of independent control.
Power Output8 pairs of outputs, connected with audio load,each pair of audio
output will not exceed 40A, connected with pure resistance.
Time SequenceProgramable
Single-way SwitchWith Single-way switch, any channel can be tuurgently
Voltage setup error1%
Overload voltage accuracy±1% of no load accuracy, ±1% of accuracy of full load
Grounding ResistanceR≤100mΩ
Dimension(L×W×H)1PC:482x400x88/607×183×524(mm) 3PCS:622×599×539(mm)
Weight1PC:10.25/11(kg) 3PCS:33(kg)

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