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DP4080 4 IN & 8 OUT Digital Multi Channel Audio Processor

1. 4 channels signal input , 8 channels signal output 2. 96KHZ sampling frequency 3. 24 bits high performance analog-digital converter 4. Each input channel is equipped with six parametric equalizer

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This product is a 1 u rack type programmed 4 input / 8 output 24-bit digital audio processor. The programming is operated through the front panel and a 2 x 20 characters display, with a very intuitive and a user-friendly interface. The Pc system software can be used via a PC platform. This product is more than a frequency divider. It can also provide signal distribution , gain control , balance, decay. The bandwidth is from 0.05 oct to 3.0 oct.


1 . 4 channels signal input , 8 channels signal output
2 . 96KHZ sampling frequency
3 . 24 bits high performance analog-digital converter, the fastest 32 bit floating point computing chip is adopted
4 . Each input channel is equipped with six parametric equalizer, each output channel is equipped with six parametric equalizer, +15 db gain and -30db decay. The bandwidth is from 0.05 oct to 3.0 oct.
5 . Each input and output channel is with mute function editing button.
6 . Delay time can be adjusted using milliseconds as the unit of time , from 0 to 1000 ms, convenient calculation.
7 . 30 programmes can be stored
8 . Password can be set to protect the program
9 . Compression function is provided . You can adjust starting attack and release times independently.
10 .2 lines of 20characters LCD display.
11 . Output channel can be freely chosen , there are A, B, C four patterns of output. Each output is with +15db and -30db gain.
12 . Each channel is with phase selection, namely the positive and negative phase.
13 . Many kinds of high and low pass filter and the slope can be chosen from.


MODEL:DP4080 4IN&8OUT Digital Speaker Processor
Input:4 channel, 10K ohms balance
Output:8 channel, 600 ohms balance
PC Com Port:1 USB Com Port on front panel, 2 RS485 Com Port on back panel (RJ-45)
Processor:96KHz Sampling frequency, 32-bit Floating-Point DSP, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter
Dynamic range:>108dB
Frequency Response:±0.25dB, 15Hz --- 20KHz
Distortion:< 0.01%, 20Hz - 20KHz @ +10dBu balanced input
Signal to noise ratio:>110dB
crossover filter:

Each output channel can be independently set as LPF and HPF, The parameters

canbe adjusted, Filter type:Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley; The Crossover

Frequency:20Hz---20KHz, Slope:12,18,24 or 48 db/octave


Bandwidth:0.016 to 4.0 oct, Frequency:20Hz to 20KHz, Gain: -30dB to +15dB,

step:0.1 dB

Delay:0ms to 1000ms
Gain:-40dB to +12dB
Display:2 x 20 LCD
Store Settings:30 user program dynamic storage
Size (H x W x D) :45 mm x 483 mm x 288 mm
Power supply:50/60 Hz, 90 - 240V/AC
Power consumption:< 22 W
Net Weight(kg)3.3kg
Gross Weight(kg)4.6kg

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