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  • Line Array Speaker System
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    Line Array Speaker System

    Line Array Speaker System - AERO50 Description Areo 50 units using the most advanced technology, high quality technology of voice coil, neodymium magnet and constitute a durable high efficiency cooling system. Higher power handling...
  • Line Array System
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    Line Array System

    Line Array System - AERO 12A Description Aero12A is an active speaker with D2S-Two active amplifier module, which is 2 x 500W@8 ohms and 2 x 900W@4ohms. It is made of a 12'' neodymium woofer, 3'' neodymium compression...
  • Professional Audio Amplifier
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    Professional Audio Amplifier

    1.Efficient cooling system, pure copper heatsink 2. Brand new 3300uf capacitor 3. Neturik input and link connectors 4. Reliable sound quality
  • Switching Mode Power Amplifier
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    Switching Mode Power Amplifier

    It is a small size ,light weight and high efficiency ,high power and high reliability. Both mobile and fixed installation performance are the best choice for you . New designed with the stable performance and high quality.
  • DJ Power Amplifier
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    DJ Power Amplifier

    1. Nice Cooling system 2. Class D digital audio power amplifier 3. Powerful output and high efficiency 4. provide 2 years warranty
  • High Power Amplifier
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    High Power Amplifier

    1. Efficient cooling system, pure copper heatsink 2. Brand new 3300uf capacitor 3. Neturik input and link connectors 4. Reliable sound quality
  • Switch Mode Amplifier
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    Switch Mode Amplifier

    1. 4 Channel ; High efficiency and stability of the new switching power supply. 2.Efficient cooling system, pure copper heatsink 3. Neturik input and link connectors 4. Brand new 3300uf capacitor 5. Reliable sound quality
  • Class-TD Speaker Amplifier
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    Class-TD Speaker Amplifier

    1. Brand new 3300uf capacitor 2. update the Switch Mode Power Supply to provide higher power during extended bursts of low frequency content, while at the same time ensuring stable rail voltages even with wide fluctuations of external...
  • Class TD Amplifier Design
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    Class TD Amplifier Design

    1.4 Channel ; Patented Class TD amplifier topology. XLR input connectors. 2.Use the way of mainboard power-supply for the process the audio signal.3.Brand new 3300uf capacitor. 4.Metal Packaging, high-power transistors ,passionate,...
  • Switching Power Amplifier
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    Switching Power Amplifier

    1.A. Have 4 channel. 2.Patented Class TD amplifier topology 3.XLR input connectors. 4.Efficient cooling system. 5.Is also 625w per channel at 8ohms load, 1250w per channel at 4ohms load, and it is stable on 2.67ohms load.
  • Digital Power Amplifier
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    Digital Power Amplifier

    The DSP-14K is the DSP version of FP14000, you could adjust the Mute, Polarity, Gain, EQ, Xover, Limiter on the computer. The greatest feature of this DSP software is the WiFi function. That means you could control many pieces DSP-14K...
  • DSP Power Amplifier
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    DSP Power Amplifier

    The DSP-10KQ is the first DSP amplifier of Sanway Audio. Through 5 years research and development, we have finally launched it in 2016. It seamlessly integrates networked digital signal distribution, drive processing, power...
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