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12 PA Karaoke Speaker with Karaoke Power Amplifier and Wireless Microphones

12 PA Karaoke Speaker with Karaoke Power Amplifier and Wireless Microphones

1. K-600 Double Channel UHF Wireless Microphone 2. MK-4500 2x350W Double Channel Karaoke Power Amplifier 3. MK-12 Single 12” Passive Karaoke Speaker

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Product Details

MK-12 Single 12" Passive Karaoke Speaker

Frequncy Response (-10 dB):71 Hz - 20 KHz
Frequncy Response (±3 dB):90 Hz - 20 KHz
Sensitivity (1w/1m):97 dB; Peak: 130 dB
Rated Impedance:8 Ohms
Rated Power:350 W; Peak: 700 W
Radiated Angle:70° x 60° (H x V)
Dimension (H x W x D):600 mm x 350 mm x 382 mm
Net Weight:14.7 Kg
LF Driver:one 12" woofer
HF Driver:one 1.4" Tweeter
Connectors:2 Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MP
Cabinet Box:15mm MDF

MK-4500 2x350W Double Channel Karaoke Power Amplifier
Characteristics Details
1>. dual fan, temperature control switches, two-stage wind speed.
2>. duct fins: rapid cooling to reduce the overall machine one temperature, increasing the power of the long-term stability.
3>. strong institutions, integrally molded foam packaging: fully address the possibility of damage caused by rough transport.
4>. gold-plated signal socket: Reduce noise signals caused by poor contact.
5>.1.5 square crude direct connect the power cord: Make sure the power amplifier will not be too thin wire, current or insufficient supply
6>. music BBE dynamic compensation circuit: solve the problem of poor quality computer VOD, VOD and access control to open and close.
7>. the board still left double / single-turn adjustment knob reverb, change orders for customers interested in / Twin Reverb effect
8>. the center speaker volume / treble / bass adjustment knob at the rear panel, and you can choose whether the microphone with reverb and the proportion of music in the home.
9>. export professional Toroidal transformer, built-in 105 ° impact sound protection automatic disconnection device, and is completely without power on / off time.
10>. HI-FI grade capacitors and special agents available genuine amplification sealed tube, to maintain HI-FI-class sound quality.

Input Sensitivity / Impedance
KARAOKE:200mv / 22
DVD:300mv / 22
BGM:300mv / 22
MIC:17mv / 3.3
Output Power
SUB WOOFER (150Hz):2.5V

Microphone Tone Adjustment

BASS:±10dB (100Hz)
MID:±10dB (2Hz)
TREBLE:+ 10dB (10KHz)
Power Supply:220VAC 50Hz
Power Output:2x350W@8ohms
Dimensions:435x135 x400mm (W*H*D)
Net Weight:12.5Kg

K-600 Double Handhold UHF Karaoke Wireless Micophone

Frequency Range:UHF 500MHz ~ 900MHz (optional)
Modulation:FM (PLL)
Deviation:± 25kHz / ± 48kHz
Frequency stability:± 15ppm
SNR:110dB (A)
Operating temperature:-10 ° C ~ +55 ° C
Receiving Forms:true diversity reception
Sensitivity (peak deviation):3uV (52dB S / N)
Audio output level:Balanced Output: + 10dB (XLR); Unbalanced outputs: + 4dB (1/4 ", 6.3mm jack socket)
Adjacent channel interference ratio:80dB
RF transmit power (50):8mW ~ 30mW
Harmonic Suppression:> 50dB

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