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Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Digital Power Amplifier  Switching Power Amplifier  Class-D Amplifier   Class-D Powered Module  

Service, Returns & Warranty

Warranty Period :
The warranty period is as follow :

Power Amplifiers - 2 years
Powered Speaker Module – 2 years
Line Array and Speakers – 2 years

The warranty period will commence on the date of original purchase . The damage by human action or force majeure shall not be contained in the warranty scope .

Terms of Service : 
We don't provide spare parts for sample orders ; for big order or regular orders , we will put some components of the amplifiers;  diaphragms, recone kits and internal filters of speakers which may be damaged following delivery.

Within the warranty period , we'll be responsible for repair or replacement for any defected or damaged products free of charge . But it is only for damaged components , if you want the complete boards for swap , you should pay.

For over service lifetime , we'll be responsible for repair and only charge for the replaced components .
Shipping Costs:
Sanway Audio will cover the shipping costs of sending replacement goods out for all valid warranty claims. The user will cover the shipping costs of returning the defective goods.

The user will cover the shipping costs for non-warranty service goods to and from Sanway Audio or an Authorized Service Representative.

After service Contacts :
For repair in Germany; Netherlands; Belgium; Austria and Swiss : rocklinesoundlight@hotmail.com
Name: Stefan Kosmalla
Rockline sound & light
ADD: Brauerei Diebelsstraße 39; 47661 Issum; Germany
Tel: 0172/7918688

For repair in France: jocelyn.vaccani.jv@gmail.com

Name: Jocelyn Vaccani
Company: Concept Sonorisation
ADD: 2 chemin de prailiard, 21260 Foncegrive, France.
Tel:  0687013756

 For repair in Spain: sat@rodaelectronica.es
Name: Juan Carlos
 Roda Electronica
ADD: C/ Ronda de Sevilla S/N (Esquina C/ Almagro) Santa Fe - 18320 Granada - Spain
Tel: 958510397

For repair in Mexicoeugeniomx@hotmail.com

Name: Ivan Lopez

Company: Ronco SA

ADD: Tranquilino Salgado 105, Col. Centro;Cuautitlan, Estado de Mexico;Zip Code: 54800;Mexico

Tel: 5255 58722761

For repair in Russiadjvoron@list.ru
Name: Константин Варфоломеев 
Slami Music Company
ADD: Россия. Тверь, ул. Жигарева д.46

TEL: +7 903 695 38 39

For return to Sanway Audio factory : sales@china-sanway.com
Factory : Sanway Professional Audio Equipment Co.,Ltd.
ADD: JingLe industrial Park, Ping Bu road ,HuaDu District 510800 ,Guangzhou China

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